About Us
Seri Makina

SERI MAKINA was established in 1983, during more than 40 years it was taking the leading positions in rate of development of it’s production processes. Our company has become one of the largest and fastest progressing manufactures in Turkey, but also in Europe and Middle East.

The company achived success in Turkey because of experienced personnel, after sales services and support of component international agencies. Our main priority is to achieve success at the global market too.

All SERI MAKINA’s machines comply with principlers of enviromental protection, customers’ satisfaction and international standarts.

Wish to share this privilege with you…

Our Mission

To be a company that creates value for our employees, our country and our customers as the first choice of our customers with our products, solutions, reliability and high business ethics that we provide after-sales services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide products, systems, services and solutions that provide great benefit to our customers as a brand and company that inspires the best.

Innovation is one of our basic principles and the most important.

The responsibility of being a market leader imposes on us to be better, stronger and more innovative.

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